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Frequently Asked Questions
For the Faztek FrameCreator(tm) Modular Framing System Design Software

Installation Tips

What system requirements are needed to run this software?

  • Hard disk: 100MB
  • System:  Pentium III or later with an 800mhz processor
  • Operation system:  Windows 2000 or XP
  • RAM:  256MB
  • Internet connection recommended for automatic updates

I have AutoCAD(tm) but FrameCreator(tm) is still not working on my system. Why?

  • Please check your version of AutoCAD(tm). FrameCreator(tm) is compatible with AutoCAD(tm) 2000i-current.

My AutoCAD(tm) will not load properly?

General AutoCAD Topics

How do I rotate my UCS properly in the direction I want to draw in?
  • Turn on your UCS II toobar. This will allow you to point you UCS in common directions, like front, back, right, left, etc…

All of my commands are showing up on the command line and not popping any dialog boxes up?

  • AutoCAD(tm) may have reset some default values for the file and command prompts. Type in the command line cmddia and enter 1 as the value. Then type in the command line filedia and enter 1 as the value.

Faztek FrameCreator(tm) Questions

My FrameCreator(tm) toolbar will not load.

  • Right click on a blank AutoCAD(tm) toolbar area. You should see Faztek in the list. Click on Faztek and this should place a check mark. Press esc to go back to the AutoCAD(tm) screen. Your toolbar should be present.

How do I update FrameCreator(tm) with the most current Faztek products?

  • FrameCreator(tm)  is designed to automatically update by accessing Faztek's database via the Internet. To be sure you are working with the latest software, you must have an Internet connection. If you are having trouble receiving updates, it may be due to your firewall. Temporarily disabling your firewall may resolve connection problems.

What is the smallest width of panel I can use in a frame?

  • The minimum width of panel which can be used in a frame is 2.0". Any panel under 2.0" will prevent proper assembly.

Why can't I completely delete a panel from my drawing?

  • If you delete a panel, you must also delete the panel boundary and hatch marks.

Can I use my own logo instead of the Faztek logo on the drawings and bill of materials?

  • Yes. To use your own logo, find and replace the fazteklogo.jpg file. Please be sure to resize your image to the same size as the Faztek logo.


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