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Faztek FrameCreator Modular Framing Systems Design Software
Screen Shots

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Faztek FrameCreator(tm) Constructor

Start with the FrameCreator easy-to-use design interface, choosing from a list of pre-defined projects, t-slotted aluminum extrusions, and t slot components.

Faztek FrameCreator(tm)
Block Manager
block manager

Create your project from scratch with the Faztek FrameCreator Block Manager. This user-friendly option allows for quick selection of products from Faztek's entire catalog of t-slotted aluminum extrusions and t slot components.

Automatically Generated Bill Of Materials and 3D Drawings

bill of materials


The bill of materials lists all of the t slot components used in your assembly. The tag numbers in the first column convienently correspond to the numbers on the drawing (when tagged).

FrameCreator(tm) will generate several 3D drawings of your completed project. You can even tag specific parts on the drawing to easily identify each part during assembly.

Faztek FrameCreator(tm) Help Menu

Need help? FrameCreator(tm) contains a complete help menu to guide you through the software. If you require additional assistance, feel free to contact Faztek at




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