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Made in the USA


Faztek FrameCreator Modular Framing Systems Design Software
Faztek T-Slotted Aluminum Modular Framing System

Design your T-Slotted extrusion projects in minutes, not hours!

  • Free!
  • Quick and easy to use design interface
  • Save Time and Money
  • Seamless integration with AutoCAD(tm) 2000i-current (Full Version)
  • Automatically generate 3D drawings and bill of materials
  • Receive software updates via the Internet
  • Technical support available at
  • Accurate results, eliminates common errors
  • Swap t-slotted extrusion types quickly without having to redraw

Faztek FrameCreator Modular Framing Systems Design Software

With FrameCreator Modular Framing Systems Design Software, designing projects using T-slotted extrusions is simple, quick, and accurate.

Don't waste time sketching, measuring, cutting, re-cutting, and guessing. FrameCreator Modular Framing Systems Design Software allows you to construct your project within AutoCAD(tm), generating a full bill of materials and numerous 3D drawings in a fraction of the time. Drag-and-drop Faztek t-slotted extrusions and t slot components right into your design to create projects only limited to your imagination!

You can choose to design your project from scratch with the helpful interaction of FrameCreator Modular Framing Systems Design Software Constructor, or start designing immediately from a set of pre-designed “template” applications consisting of machine enclosures, perimeter guards, safety fencing, robot guarding, work benches, ergonomic workstations, light duty material racks, carts, machine vision systems, machine bases, automated gaging systems, displays, exhibits, in-plant offices, web converting equipment, power unit enclosures, labeling systems, dispensing equipment, machine tool companies, and tooling carts, just to name a few which you can modify to your specific needs…all with just a few clicks!

screenshotsClick here for more detail on the FrameCreator in action!

For a more in depth look at the T-Slotted Extrusions, go to


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